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Smart Defrag 4.0

Free defragmentation tool to improve your hard drive performance significantly
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Hard disk fragmentation is one of the reasons that may turn your computer into a slow and unresponsive machine. Fragmented files take longer to load and that is noticeable when your system starts. Smart Defrag not only puts every bit of your files and folders where they should be, but it also keeps an eye on your hard drives at all times to avoid further fragmentation. Besides, gamers can benefit from a specialized Game Defrag utility to improve their gaming experience.

Smart Defrag is not only an effective and fast tool but also a very attractive one. Its elegant black and blue interface is also a well-structured one. It will scan your system and show you all the drives and storage devices that the program has identified as “defragable”. This includes internal and external hard drives, as well as pen drives and any other FAT32 or NTFS storage device connected to your PC. The defragmentation process allows for a great deal of flexibility – you can simply defrag your drives, defrag and optimize them (either partially or fully), or launch a “Defrag and Prioritize Files” process, which will take longer, but that will also guarantee long-lasting data contiguity and a better system performance thanks to its intelligent disk data prioritization.

You can also decide which drives will go into automatic defrag mode – i.e. which drives will be permanently monitored to defrag fragmented files and avoid further fragmentation – and which will be defragmented at boot time (actually, only those files that shouldn’t be moved while your OS is running will be taken care of by Boot Time Defrag). Defragmentation tasks can be easily scheduled: you decide on the day of the week and the time that is more convenient for you.

Before putting all your sectors and clusters in order, Smart Defrag can also get rid of all the junk files on your drives, thus saving you valuable space while avoiding defragmenting unnecessary files. You can also create an “exclude list” with all the files and folders that should not be analyzed and defragmented.

This free disk defrag utility is all you need to keep your files together and in the right order. All you need to do is schedule your preferred defragmentation time and set the app to work silently in the background. You will see your system's performance improve in no time.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Attractive and intuitive interface
  • Color-coded disk map
  • Fast disk analysis
  • Works silently in the background
  • Allows you to schedule defragmentation processes
  • Defragments hard drives of any size, both internal and external


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