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Smart Defrag 6.3

Defragment files in your hard disk to improve file access speed
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In order to improve and speed up data access, Smart Defrag performs two important tasks. First, it defragments and groups all files on your internal and external storage devices, be them standard hard drives, SSD drives, or USB storage units. Secondly, it places those files you use more often on a privileged location to reduce startup times. These file optimization processes can be performed at boot time when needed, or you can leave Smart Defrag to scan and defragment your data automatically to save you time and worries.

This free utility comes with many other interesting features. Thus, it includes specific options to optimize your Windows apps, your system boot times, and your gaming experience. It also defragments free spaces and a specific process to bring together defragmented large files. Besides, all defragmentation and optimization processes offer a high level of flexibility, with a range of tasks that go from a quick-and-dirty defragmentation process to deep optimization of all your data. All scan and defragmentation processes are neatly documented as web-based reports that provide extensive information about the state of your data before and after running the process as well as the temperature of your disks, which may help you to detect hardware anomalies on your system.

The program’s interface cannot be simpler. Its attractive and intuitive design allows users of all kinds and of any level of experience to benefit from the program’s functionality. You will find that some of the options are only available in the PRO version of the program, such as the defragmentation of your Windows registry or a set of user-specified system files, but everything else is provided to home and professional users alike at no cost at all. Though all the latest Windows operating systems come with their own defragmentation tool, you will find that Smart Defrag and its Auto Analyze feature – among others – can make your system maintenance significantly easier without dragging its performance or draining its resources.

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  • Multi-threading support for faster defragmentation
  • Offers various levels of defragmentation and optimization
  • Large files defragmentation
  • Windows apps optimization


  • Some options are not available in the free version
  • Lacks and idle defragmentation feature
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