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Improve the data access speed of hard disks by defragmenting files
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Disk fragmentation is inherent to the algorithm used by computers to store our data in hard drives. This undesired effect cannot be avoided, but it can be minimized by defragmenting our storage devices regularly. Smart Defrag offers you various defragmentation processes to group fragmented files efficiently, thus improving file access speed and your computer’s overall performance.

File fragmentation not only slows down your PC’s performance – it may also shorten the lifespan of your hard drives. To make sure that file read/write routines are performed in the fastest way possible, Smart Defrag offers you an efficient full defragmentation process that will reduce the number of movements required by hard disk heads to bring together all fragments of the same file. SSD drives are a completely different animal when it comes to defragmentation, and that is why this tool offers a TRIM option instead – a kind of defragmentation process specific to this type of drives.

For obvious reasons, large files are usually the ones that suffer a higher defragmentation rate, becoming even harder for your PC to read and write. That is why Smart Defrag includes a Large File Defragmentation process that will take care specifically of those files that exceed a certain size. Similarly, the program offers another specific defragmentation process for empty clusters.

Some system files cannot be moved from where they are but also need some clean-up every now and then. That is why Smart Defrag offers a Boot Time Defrag feature, which will defragment page files, hibernation files, MFT, and registry files among others every time you start up your computer. Finally, you’ll also find in this comprehensive tool an option to optimize the files involved in executing your favorite games, visibly improving your gaming experience.

Smart Defrag is the only tool you’ll ever need to take care of any fragmentation issues you may find on your hard drives, SSDs, and external storage devices. Though you can download it for free and launch some its most basic defragmentation processes, you will need to register your copy of the program (and thus become a PRO user) to enjoy some of its more advanced features.

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  • Provides various defragmentation routines
  • Includes a specific process for large files
  • Offers a fast trimming process
  • Has a specific option for game optimization
  • Can perform selected defragmenation processes at boot time


  • Won't allow potential users to check full defragmentation without buying a license
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