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Defragment your hard disks to improve the file-access speed
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Smart Defrag is specifically intended to increase system performance by defragmenting your storage devices. As a consequence, data retrieval can occur at a much higher speed. The program is one of those you do not even need to consult a manual to be ready to use them. It supports various types of disks, including standard hard disks and SSDs.

The most relevant feature of this tool is Smart Defrag, from which it takes its name. This is a procedure that you can execute with a single click and requires no user intervention. Moreover, there are other ways to defragment disks. For example, you can use less time by defragging large files or free space only. It is also possible to defragment specific files or folders. Likewise, you can have the tool prioritize the most frequently used files, which, unfortunately, takes considerably more time. In this respect, the tool also gives the possibility to optimize gameplay by defragging the corresponding files. Lastly, you can exclude specific files or folders you do not want the program to mess with.

Other features of the program include scheduling automatic defragmentation at a given time, during startup or when the disks are idle. Similarly, the tool can free up storage space by finding and erasing junk files. It can also provide you with a report of your current disk health state.

All in all, Smart Defrag works as expected and is able to defragment your disks quite fast and reliable. The product has a free version but it contains ads to other tools by the same vendor and some of the features, like auto defrag, will only work if you buy its Pro license.

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  • Supports various types of storage devices
  • Allows complete automatic defragging
  • Allows scheduling defragmentation
  • Lets you set exclusions
  • Optimizes gameplay
  • Cleans junk data from your disks


  • Some features do not work in the standard version
  • Contains ads of other products
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