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Smart Defrag 5.6

A fast highly effective disk defragmenter that uses few system resources
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Disk fragmentation may be the reason why your computer is not as fast as it used to be, particularly when loading a program or starting up your operating system. Smart Defrag can help you avoid this type of problem as it is more convenient than Windows built-in defragmenter.

The tool has a very nice Metro-styled interface, and it even comes with two different skins for you to choose. It is quite unlikely that anyone can have any problems to use it, even if it is the first time. The application automatically detects standard hard disks as well as solid-state ones. Starting a defragging becomes as simple as selecting the desired drives and clicking a button. In this respect, there are various defragmentation modes available. Of these, I recommend Smart Defrag, which is noticeably faster than the standard mode because it takes into account how often specific files are used.

Besides defragging complete disks, this program can also optimize Windows apps and selected files and folders. Moreover, it supports boot-time defragmentation, which works even for those storage areas that cannot be altered while your computer is being used. Likewise, it even gives you the opportunity to optimize specific games and enjoy a better experience. Finally, you can also exclude specific folders and schedule defragmentation jobs.

In general, Smart Defrag is probably one the best tools of its type available: it uses fast multi-threading defragging and works in the background without any negative impact on your computer’s performance. Luckily, the product can be used for free. However, if you want to access other features, like automatic disk optimization and defragmentation of registry files, you need to buy its Pro version.

Pedro Castro
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  • Very easy to use
  • Fast disk optimization
  • Smart analysis of files by use frequency
  • Various optimization modes
  • Task scheduling
  • Auto-updating
  • Low impact on system resources
  • SSD supported


  • Some features are only available in the Pro version
  • Its Action Center tab is used to promote other products by the same developer
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