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It offers you various practical options to defragment your disks and files
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No doubt one of the problems that most commonly causes system slowness and poor performance is disk fragmentation. Luckily, there are specialized tools like Smart Defrag, a software utility developed by IObit that offers you various practical options to defragment your entire disks, or just specific files or applications. All those options are available to you totally free of charge.

By default, Smart Defrag will show you an elegant and dark-colored working environment with several sections, one for each available option. The first one allows you to defragment your entire disks or just specific files/folders, and fast or fully optimize your installed apps. In this section you can select between automatic or boot-time defragmentation methods, though the boot-time one has also its own specific section. The second section of the program is "Game Defrag" and, of course, it is especially useful for gamers, as it allows them to defragment game files. This, in turn, speeds-up the access to that kind of files, enhancing the gaming experience. In this section, you just need to select one or more game files (e.g. EXE files) and then you can optimize them very easily.

The next section basically allows you to enable or disable the boot-time defragmentation service. Its configuration, however, can be done through the program's settings window, where you can schedule the defragmentation to be done during the next boot only, during every boot, daily during the first boot only, or weekly. It is very important to perform a Boot-time defragmentation periodically on your PC as this action optimizes absolutely all the files on your disks, including the system files before they are locked by the operating system.

Finally, it's very important to mention that Smart Defrag features its own defragmentation algorithm that optimizes your disks silently and automatically, without interrupting your work. In fact, by default the program configures itself to start defragmenting your disks whenever the system is idle for more than 5 minutes, which ensures that your filesystem will always stay in optimal working conditions, without even requiring your intervention.

In conclusion, I would say that Smart Defrag is one of the most comprehensive and powerful defragmentation tools available on the market. Best of all, it's available to all of us for free, so, I would highly recommend any user starts testing its awesome features as soon as possible.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Nice working environment
  • Allows you to defragment specific files and apps
  • Allows you to schedule automatic boot-time defragmentations
  • Silently optimizes your filesystem when your system is idle


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