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Smart Defrag 1.0

An easy tool that defrags hard drives and it can work when the computer is idle
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Fragmented disks are synonym of low performance and speed; none of them are desirable in any computer. And it is complex how computer systems save data on hard drives. When a file is opened, modified and saved, free space on the hard drive is used to store the changes in such file, but sometimes this free space is not exactly next to the file’s original location, thus, the operating system, searches randomly on the hard drive another free space (cluster) to store new changes on the hard drive. For example, a hard drive is divided in clusters, let’s suppose that our hard drive has 50 clusters, and we are working in a word processor program with our file “A.txt”, and this file “A.txt” occupies clusters 10 to 15. After 2 or 3 days, we open our file “A.txt” again and continue working with it, then the file grows and now it needs 5 clusters more, but the problem here is that the clusters 16 to 21 are occupied by file “B.txt” (previously created the day after we created file “A.txt”) so the computer stores the changes of file “A.txt” in clusters 22 to 27. Now file “A.txt” is fragmented. If this is made over and over, with many files, then the hard drive ends up fragmented. Fragmentation also affects new programs installed. The problem with fragmentation is that the hard drive’s heads, are not able to read the data in a row, and need to be jumping from one side to another; this takes more time for files and programs to load. Smart defrag, puts together all the parts of a same file or program. Smart defrag is easy, fast, and it can work when the computer is idle. The main screen has 5 tabs: Defrag now, Auto Defrag, Schedule, Options, and Donate. The Defrag now, as its name implies will perform a fast analysis and start immediately. The Auto Defrag option will set the program to defrag the disc automatically with a couple of options. The schedule tab, can prepare the software to defrag the computer every 1 or 2 weeks or as defined by the user. The Option tab, has some features like language (I liked this one), to check for updates, smart technology and so on. And the last but not the least, the Donate option, which takes the user to IObit’s web page in order to give them some funds so they can continue working. I like this kind of options, and if you liked it as I did, please donate some money so this guys can keep up with their work.

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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