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Improves disk access speed by defragmenting files
Guest #41616720  — Last year
If you have the free edition, this is a downgrade of Free SmartDefrag, to keep full option you need tu purchase, otherwise is better to go back to the old 4.0 and you have about everything.
marcia  — 2 years ago
This is such a useful tool, I am surprised it's free. Like Lit, I recommend it.
Ritiket  — 3 years ago
This is really an advanced tool. Once installed, then you need not use to worry about fragmenting your hard drives.
Thịnh  — 5 years ago
Shohom  — 5 years ago
Guest  — 6 years ago
Guest  — 7 years ago
Great software quick and able to do many tasks at one time.. love it better then all the others
Guest  — 7 years ago
does a great job like a paid version
Emil Olandria  — 7 years ago
good program
Guest  — 7 years ago
really fast on a 300 gig hard drive
Victor  — 7 years ago
Advanced defragment options
Mike Magin  — 7 years ago
Can't say anything about it; its perfect. It does a great job and can keep open in background without affecting working projects.
Guest  — 7 years ago
very good software
titas  — 7 years ago
not bad
Michael  — 7 years ago
easy to use set and forget
Guest  — 7 years ago
It's the smartest program I have used,and it's very user friendly
Guest  — 8 years ago
very good
Mantec  — 8 years ago
real Good
balakrishnan  — 8 years ago
option optimise slow but ok
Ly Tam Hoan  — 8 years ago
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