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File defragmentation is one of those maintenance processes that we all tend to forget or simply overlook. Smart Defrag will help you to keep file fragmentation away from your disks without having to run the defragmentation tasks yourself and without having to pay for it. Its automatic processes will allow you to keep forgetting and overlooking it without suffering the consequences, keeping a fast file access speed and noticeably improving your system’s startup time.

Following IObit’s tendency to produce highly attractive dark-colored interfaces with a high level of usability, Smart Defrag is not an exception in this department. The program’s interface offers all its functionality organized in three tabs – Disk Defrag, Boot Time Defrag, and Game Optimize, plus the ever-present Action Center with the latest apps that IObit recommends to improve your PC’s performance. The maps used to show the defragmentation process in real time are color coded, allowing you to see which clusters are being moved, which cannot be touched, etc. It’ll also keep you informed about how many fragments are being defragmented, how many files there are and their weight, and the fragmentation rate that your system was suffering from before Smart Defrag came to the rescue.

Disk Defrag will let you choose which disk or disks you wish the program to scan for defragmentation. All NTFS and FAT32 disks are supported, fixed or external, standard or SSD, etc. You can also choose to defragment only a set of specific files and folders instead of the full disk, useful to save processing time if, for instance, the rest of the disk has been defragmented recently. The defragmentation process is, however, as fast as it can be, so it won’t take you much of your time. Besides, it can clean up your browsers’ and system’s temporary files, if so desired. The whole task will take place silently in the background, without interfering with your normal work and your system’s files. Here is where Boot Time Defrag takes over.

Boot Time Defrag will defragment all necessary system files, the MFT (Master File Table), and all page and hibernation files at your next boot and right before your system starts up. This will allow you to keep on working uninterrupted while your disks are being defragmented, instead of asking you to close all your programs and restart your computer as many other defragmentation tools do. The third tab has been devised specifically for gamers, occasional or not. Here you can tell the program which programs you have installed on your system and would like Smart Defrag to optimize for you.

Smart Defrag will automatically keep all your files and their fragments perfectly located and glued together within your disks, allowing you to access them, copy them, move them, etc., at the highest of speeds. Except when setting your preferences for the first time, this free tool will require no further intervention on your side, and will minimize the speed and file access problems that usually arise from overlooking the necessary defragmentation tasks.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Defragments all types of disks
  • Defrags at boot time those files that cannot be moved during standard defrag
  • You can defragment only specific files and folders
  • Fully configurable defragmentation tasks
  • Easy and intuitive inteface


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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