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This is a practical system utility that specializes in disk defragmentation
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Smart Defrag is a practical system utility that specializes in disk defragmentation. This tool offers you several defragmentation methods and allows you to schedule automatic defragmentation tasks. In fact, using Smart Defrag you can be sure that your disks will be automatically defragmented along the time, so they will not fall into fragmentation anymore!

The program offers you an elegant and attractive working environment based on dark colors, though you can toggle to the "White" skin easily, if you prefer so. This environment consists of several tabs you can use to access the different defragmentation methods and options. "Disk Defrag", the first tab, allows you to select the disks and/or drives you want to defragment, and your preferred method - automatic, boot-time or both. If you do not want to defragment an entire disk, you can also add individual files or folders for defragmentation. Smart Defrag does its job really fast, and when it finishes, it generates a report for you in HTML format.

A unique feature of Smart Defrag is so-called "Game Defrag", and you can find it in the second tab. It specializes in defragmenting game files, so this feature will be very interesting to gamers. You just have to select one or more game files, and let the program do the rest for you. Third tab is "Boot Time Defrag" and allows you to enable or disable boot-time defragmentation. This operation is useful to defragment files that cannot be defragmented while Windows is running, such as paging files, hibernation files and other system files. There is the fourth tab called "Action Center", but it only shows you recommendations about other software tools published by IObit.

Finally, Smart Defrag includes a settings window, where you can configure all the aspects of the program's working. Here you can set the behavior of the Automatic Defrag, the Scheduled Defrag and the Boot Time Defrag services. Basically, you can set how frequently those automatic defragmentation tasks will be executed and which drives will be defragmented. You can also set the program to clear junk files before defragmentation tasks, so you can recover disk space and at the same time the program will not defragment unnecessary files. You can even create an exclusion list, to prevent any files or folders from being defragmented.

To sum up, I consider Smart Defrag one of the most reliable and efficient disk defragmentation tools I have ever tried. Besides doing its job silently, quickly and efficiently, it does it totally free of charge, and prevents your drives from further fragmentation.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Elegant and attractive user interface
  • Allows you to schedule automatic defragmentation tasks
  • Prevents your drives from further fragmentation
  • Allows you to defragment individual files and folders
  • Features a special "game defragmentation" tool
  • Capable of clearing junk files before defragmentation


  • Its usage requires certain level of technical knowledge
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