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Smart Defrag is a powerful, fast and reliable disk defragmentation tool
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Though many misevaluate its importance, data fragmentation is a leading factor in the decrease of the system's performance level and operating speed. The defragmentation is the process of re-arranging the location of data (data clusters) on the disks in such a way that the disks work more effectively and enable faster data access times. By default, Microsoft Windows provides a utility able to resolve the issue, but a more useful solution is the one represented by Smart Defrag.

At first, Smart Defrag will enable you to select specific drives and partitions, then quickly and accurately analyze them in order to determine their fragmentation levels. It will let you know, in a very precise manner, how badly defragmentation is needed for every analyzed drive.

After the defragmentation is performed, it will display the fragmentation rate changes in percents, as well as a comprehensive report that lists every defragmented file. Both the analysis and the actual defragmentation are performed in a short time, even for rather large partitions.
Furthermore, the results are truly accurate.

Anyway, these aren’t the only advantages of this powerful tool. It’s also very easy-to-use. Its straightforward interface makes it suitable even for complete beginners that have little or no experience to operate similar applications.

Smart Defrag also comes with many handy additional features and functions. For example, it provides the reliable Boot Time Disk Defrag technology to streamline access to the most frequently used files. Its Deep Analysis mode even includes useful tools that can find and remove junk files from your drives.

As you can see, Smart Defrag is truly comprehensive and powerful. Even though it offers undeniable benefits, it also comes with an unbeatable price: it’s completely free. In conclusion, there’s simply no reason to hesitate giving it a try.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Easy-to-use
  • Provides accurate results
  • Comes with handy features such as a junk file cleaning function
  • Displays comprehensive reports


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