Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag 1.0 beta

A program to defrag, periodically, your hard disks
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Smart defrag is a software designed to improve the performance of your hard drives.
The fragmentation of your hard disks is a process that always happen in a computer after a couple of months of use. It becomes easy to note when your computer starts getting slower and unstable. That’s why it’s recommended to defrag your hard drive periodically.
This program makes an analysis of your hard drives and then proceeds to defrag and speed up the computer performance.
Once you have installed Smart defrag it will periodically improve your disks performance. You can also configure it to run on the background, without notice. This mean that the program won’t interfere with your ongoing work…
After the first defragmentation process, you will note the difference: a faster computer, no more system freezing, and fewer (or none) system errors.
You will enjoy a great performance of your disks every day, just as a brand new computer with much more free space.
Another thing to know about this software is that it’s complete free. It means that you only need to download it and enjoy the benefits without worrying anymore about your hard disks.

Guada Morán
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  • Freeware
  • Can run in the background


  • Poor interface
  • May slow down the system while it's working
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